Afterschool and summer programs for at risk children and youth

AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service are in danger of being cut – or even eliminated entirely. Please help us to preserve this vital resource in serving at-risk children and families in Arlington. Take action today!

Save Service!

Take Action Today!
The White house released their FY18 budget on March 16, 2016. This budget would eliminate the Corporation for National and Comunity Service, Americorps and Senior Corps. Though this is only a recommendation to congress, we must take action to ensure the continuation of AmeriCorps. Congress ultimately makes the decision about what is funded and what is not. 
For information on contacting your members of congress                         

Why is it important?

National Level:

Our AmeriCorps Members join 80,000 other members in service this year. Since AmeriCorps’ inception in 1994, over 1 Million people have served as Corps Members, contributing 1.4 billion hours of service to communities throughout the United States.

State Level:

​​670 individuals will serve as AmeriCorps member.  Since 1994, more than 16,000 Virginia residents have served more than 26 million hours. Arlington County AmeriCorps have provided over 170,000 hours of service.

Local Level:
​​Since 2009, 79 AmeriCorps members have served wih Aspire!. Our AmeriCorps members contributed over 100,000 hours since then. Before AmeriCorps 66% of our students improved their reading skills, after the first year with AmeriCorps 80% improved, and last year 95% of our student improved their reading.